FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you need?

    We’ll need to know if you have a domain name, the kind of look and feel you like, what features you would like/need, how much content you have already (if any?) and a rough idea of your budget. Don't worry if any of this sounds confusing, just get in touch and we’ll explain!

  • What about web hosting?

    All of our services are hosted for which there will be an ongoing monthly or yearly cost depending on what level of service you decide on, we’ll explain everything and answer all your questions before we get started so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is where your website lives on the web. Basically, to use a house analogy, it's the space(ground) that you rent for your website(house) to be built on.

    Your website’s address is the domain name you have decided on, www.your-name-here.com

  • I don't have a domain name?

    If you’re not sure what to do about getting a domain name (your address on the web) then please get in touch and we can help you out.

  • How long will it take?

    This will depend on how many pages and features you think you’ll need. If you go for our basic starter website of five pages we can have you online within 1 business day, once we have the relevant information.

  • How will my website be protected from hacking?

    All of our customers websites are running on reputable and reliable hosted content management systems that have systems in place to help prevent being hacked. 

    As long as you use a strong password to log-in to your site you should be safe.

    We use an app called 1Password to generate all our various passwords, it has end to end AES-256 bit encryption. You can get it here.


  • When can you start?

    Right away once we have the information we need from you.

Here are a few frequently asked questions. We will be adding to this as time goes by. If you think of anything you’d like to see here that may be of help to others please let us know, thank you.

Our website design brief document will help you define your new website requirements, you can download it here.